Just released our Greenstar 60 LED Slot and Square profiles with IP 55 certification
were developed to increase functionality within a small profile whist still maintaining its sleek slimline appearance.

The new AUS 60 Greenstar LED Slot and Square profiles includes –

* First of its kind LED that has been IP55 Certified.
* A continuous ribbon of light.
* Purpose designed thermal management for optimal LED life and output.
* Has the ability to be wall mounted, suspended and custom mounted that also be used as an architectural element in
exterior applications.


* Zhaga compliant LED boards and controls, offering the significant benefits Zhaga standardisation brings (refer to
* High performance PLexiLED optics – an LED specific optic with micro dispersing particles which diffuse light, giving a
smooth dot free appearance.
* KWIK LOCK, Austube’s tooless coupling system. KWIK LOCK aids installation by requiring no tools for either the
physical join of luminaire sections or the electrical connections.

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