NEW AUS 60 GS LED REC, a continuous stream of light

Introducing the new AUS 60 Greenstar LED Recessed.
The next phase release for Austube’s LED 60 series offers high performance, energy efficiency and low maintenance with the optional benefit of an IP55 rating


The new AUS 60 Greenstar LED Recessed profile includes:

7 year warranty – L70 F10 70,000 hours
3 step McAdam (no tolerance)

Available with Zantium Boards offering 70 / 280 / 560 mm lengths –
giving greater flexibility with total fitting length – 70mm increments

Market leader Powered by Samsung – Zhaga form factor – 24mm width
Ripple free drivers eliminating the subliminal 100h flicker
No negative health effects

Purpose designed thermal management for optimal LED life output.

Offers a continuous LED strip of light
Zhaga compliant LED boards and controls, offering significant benefits

High performance PlexiLED optic – an LED specific optic with micro dispersing particles which diffuse light, giving a smooth dot free appearance.

KWIK LOCK, Austube’s tool-less coupling system.

Aids ease of installation by requiring no tools for either the physical join of luminaire sections of the electrical connections

Variable lumen outputs with wide beam distribution

Dimensions – 59mm W x 82mm H x 110mm

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