Austube lights the way at Wynyard Railway Station

Historical Significance

Wynyard Railway Station located in the Sydney CBD is one of the busiest underground Railway Stations in Australia. Built in the 1920’s, the historical underground station was marked for a significant upgrade to provide improved commuter movement, wellbeing and increase overall efficiencies in the rail network.
Included in the upgrade was the introduction of a new Multi Service Unit (MSU) incorporating an extrusion lighting system that would play a major role in commuter safety and comfort and completely transform the ambience of the concourse.

Lighting the Way

Austube were engaged to design and manufacture, not only the bespoke lighting system for the concourse areas, but the complete MSU. Part of the requirement from Sydney Trains and Novo Rail requested that all cabling for the site be included in the MSU body via incorporating an integral cable tray system as well as including ancillary items such as the exit lights, cameras, speakers, sprinkler system and downlights.

The excellent track record of Austube in supplying infrastructure projects across Australia and around the world, made Austube the first and only choice for such a technical and challenging installation.

Exceeding the Challenges

Austube, being an Australian manufacturer incorporating an in-house engineering and design team, was able to work closely with the Novo Rail Alliance during the design process via extensive collaboration between local teams. Coupled with the ability for Austube to produce high quality 3D printing and imaging of the varies MSU concepts, design time of such a complicated extrusion was reduced dramatically.

Apart from the complexed detail of the MSU itself, included in the brief was satisfying the stringent lighting design criteria, while avoiding illuminating the underneath surface of the ceiling beams with the indirect lighting system. Austube was up for the task providing various options including reflector systems, custom lumen output LED board configurations and the use of unique optics to provide the desired lighting distribution and illumination levels.

Lastly, delivering to an extremely busy site in the heart of the city had its challenges. Tight delivery time frames, site access limitations and specific unloading requirements meant that Austube employed its own truck to perform all deliveries in order to take full control and limit any damages. In order to achieve this with the greatest of ease for manouverability, a special trolley system was manufactured by Austube which was used to move multiple luminaires around the site easily despite such a large and heavy unit resulting in virtually zero damages or delivery issues.

Great results achieved

The final outcome speaks for itself both in the product and commuter experience. The result is a purpose built bespoke solution that met every brief criteria, was designed and manufactured in Australia and was delivered on time and within budget via Austube’s high quality customer service and end to end project management skills. The team at Austube are very proud of the final outcome and would like to thank both Sydney Trains and the Novo Rail Alliance, including Cox Architects, for the opportunity to work in collaboration with them on such an Australian iconic project.


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