Austube is proud to be associated with Diginet who delivers state of the art simplicity that is safer and smarter

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is the protocol that links (communicates, if you like) luminaires, controls, sensors, hardware and software for a lighting control network. It doesn’t matter if the premises are large or small, – a single shop or a large warehouse, airport, hospital or office building.

DALI protocol is now widely accepted worldwide because of its simplicity, its low cost, its two way communication capability and the different types of devices that can be on the network.

Gerard Lighting Group has established a special team within its iLP division to develop the world’s most advanced lighting network by adding a new layer of intelligence to the existing DALI standard called “DALI Xi™ Extended Intelligence”

For more information on diginet DALI Xi go to http://www.diginet.net.au/dali-xi/

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