Holly, all things bright!


Holly Oxley is our in house Junior Graphic Designer and has been with the
Austube team for over 4 months now and my time has flown by.
Holly is an integral part of Austube’s Marketing Department, enjoying all
aspects of her role.

Holly last year finished her Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and is now
just completing her degree in Business Design Management.
She brings with her a solid understanding of Social Media and sound skills in
a multitude of graphic design programmes.

Holly lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains (60 kms west of Sydney). with her
playful Border Collie named Maggie. She loves all things beautiful particularly
in the area of applied design.

Holly is saving with her boyfriend to travel to Europe and America later next
year so she is also burning the midnight oil working as a waitress at her local
Gourmet Italian Restaurant.
Good luck Holly, you’re a valuable asset to the Austube family!

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