the austube way
Austube Linear Lighting Systems custom manufacture high performance luminaires that incorporates the latest technologies to create innovative and intelligent lighting solutions for our clients.
We are an Australian owned company that works closely with Engineers, Architects and Specifiers to create custom solutions for all individual lighting projects.
All Austube LED profiles have been designed ‘from the ground up’ as LED luminaries, and not just retrofitted LED modules in existing fluorescent profiles, to create best in class optical systems with minimal transmission losses and thermally managed heatsinks that are upgradable in the future.

10 Reasons WHY you would choose Austube

10 Reasons Why?

innovation created by experience
Our team of engineers and designers have gained a great level of knowledge over the last 20 years. Because of this we are able to bring to our customers all of those collective experiences with us and innovate this into any situation on any project. Our product when you look at it is quite simple to the untrained eye. However there are many details to consider ie: transportation, site conditions, heat, thermal expansion, the quality of the installer etc.
Austube has the ability to offer our clients the most up to date efficient lighting tools and options available to maximise potential energy savings across a wide variety of interior and exterior applications.
We are dedicated to continually developing new and exciting products in response to the rapid change of new technologies as they become available.

To discuss your specific project needs or for more information on any of our products or projects,
please email us at or contact your local Austube Sales Representative or Distributor.