projects: Qatar – New Doha International Airport


The King’s Highway is a private road linking the King’s summer palace to the New Doha International Airport. Austube worked closely with the lighting designer on this challenging project to create a lighting system for the road bridge which is highly effective, aesthetically pleasing and robust.

Environmental conditions in Doha are harsh. The city experiences extremes of temperature which cause expansion and contraction in the bridge structures of up to 200mm, with different structural elements moving at varying rates. An expansion piece, or sleeve, was integrated within the luminaire system to allow for movement due to temperature changes, as well as construction variances

The Austube engineering team accounted for and overcame all the project requirements and site challenges in the design and manufacture of this lighting system.

Austube luminaires were selected due to the suitability of our IP product range combined with our proven capabilities in supplying and managing major projects. Austube have the experience to consider and allow for the realities of individual projects and to design and manufacture innovative, fit for purpose lighting solutions.

Lighting Design: Mike Grunsell, Lighting Design Partnership, New Zealand

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