projects: UNSW – Lowy Cancer Research Centre


The Lowy Cancer Research Centre is home to 400 cancer researchers. AUS 200 BEAM IP 66 was selected for the animal research floors as it offered the features and flexibility to fulfil a range of very specific requirements within one luminaire. Being a research facility, conditions need to be kept stable and carefully controlled. An IP 66 rating was essential as the areas are hosed down and exposed to chemicals.

Clever use of DALI control, motion detectors, lamp colour and configuration enable the lighting to mimic sunrise and sunset. Separately switched red lamps also serve as emergency lighting and are able to be used at night by researchers who require visibility without disturbing the animals. The luminaires also accommodates weatherproof speakers which distribute white noise to keep sound levels consistent.

Architects: Lahznimmo Architects
Engineers: Aurecon

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