Every Austube luminaire has a ‘unique’ chassis identification number that combines all product records from the initial quotation, purchase order, transaction to configuration information including components, manufacturing Q&A documents and delivery details. This capability links all product manufacturing records.
AUSONEiD allows the client to liaise with the factory for any aspect of an order, from spare parts to other enquiries without the difficulty of providing original invoicing details.
The AUSONEiD number is easily located on the ‘rating label’ under the power entry position.

Austube LED profiles have ‘theromsync’ which is a custom designed, thermally efficient, heatsink that is connected to the main luminaire body with a polarised plug that allows for easy removal for future maintenance or upgrading. LED’s life is dependant on thermal management, all Austube LED profiles are designed to keep the LED boards well below the recommended maximum operating temperature to prolong lamp life. Rigorous testing of each luminaire has been undergone ensuring every customer’s luminaire thermal management requirements are met.

Austube’s innovative ‘world first’ tool-less coupling system intergrates Austube’s unique latch for zero light leaks and polarized plug system for error free electrical connections plus the efficiency of roll pins for alignment and super fast assembly.

Austube’s own specifically designed diffuser material for LED lamps that contain light dispersing particles that create a seamless, dot free ribbon of light with minimal transmission losses.

A polycarbonate material has been specifically designed for use in LED exterior linear luminaire fittings where impact
may occur.

Removable Geartrays
All Austube Removable geartrays (AUSTHERMOSYNC) – LED profiles have a removable heatsink that allows for easy maintenance of the LED boards and drivers. Zhaga compliant boards ensures that they are upgradeable in the future.
These Removable gear trays can be replaced with any Zhaga board at the end of their life to ensure there is no unplanned obsolescence.
Zhaga boards can be obtained from many suppliers ensuring the end user has a fitting that will remain best in class at the end of life

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