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Just a quick message to let you know we have added some new information to the Austube website.

‘the austube way’ tab is now featured at the top of the menu bar.


When you hit that tab it will take you to a page with 4 red tiles featuring –

TECHNOLOGY – this page features current and new Austube innovations

BRANDS – highlighting 3 LED brand options

PHILOSOPHY – this page outlines to the viewer just what we refer to as the austube way and the meaning behind the end line – ‘innovation created by experience’

COMPLIANCE – as you click on this tile you will be taken to a page that explains Austube’s certifications, our memberships and various other sources of information.


So take a quick look.

We’d love to hear your constructive feedback and any additional thoughts that will help assist you and your clients.

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Enjoy your day!

Austube Marketing Department

PS – and whilst you are on the site – the ‘products page’ has been given a recent update

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