Greenstar II Launch

The Greenstar II series is the next generation of the popular Greenstar LED linear range. The Greenstar II series comprises of Surface Mount, Suspended and Recessed options. Each system has an integral driver including the Greenstar II 45 Series, along with a choice of Direct and Direct/Indirect optics. Greenstar II offers optimal performance, even illumination over the diffuser and architectural lines.

The introduction of the Greenstar II series is a significant step forward for Austube. The range has been developed with the customer in mind, providing many new innovations in technology including the latest LED chips and drivers. The boards have been designed to suit each individual system allowing for even illumination across the diffuser. The installation has been made easy by the unique easy fit gear trays.

The Greenstar II series has been engineered to the highest level serving the Austube goals of Partnership, Expertise and Delivery.

The range consists of four core families - 45, 55, 75, 95 (this denotes the width of the extrusion). The full range:

  • Greenstar II 45 - Square, Recessed, Slot, Direct/Indirect
  • Greenstar II 55 - Square, Recessed, Slot, Direct/Indirect
  • Greenstar II 75 - Square, Recessed, Direct/Indirect
  • Greenstar II 95 - Square, Recessed

Greenstar II has been engineered using the latest in LED technology enabling an impressive performance of over 120Lm/W. The design incorporates:

  • Australian made aluminium extrusion
  • Australian made PolyLED and PlexiLED diffusers
  • Custom designed LED Lighting Engine which provides even illumination over the diffuser face
  • Options include Cyanosis, Tuneable White, RGB, RGBW
  • Integral flicker free driver
  • ‘Easy Fit’ clip in gear trays with safety lanyards for ease of installation
  • Stand-alone surge protection